About Us

The Phoenix Insurance Company was founded by the late David Hachmi in 1949, who aspired to build an insurance company that creates a peace of mind in the present coupled with adequate financial planning for the future for its customers. His aspiration continues to be one of the core pillars of the company to this day.The Phoenix prides itself in providing personal service and support to its policyholders, agents and employees.
The Phoenix is one of the largest, most professional and reputable insurance companies in the Israeli market. The company constantly strives to provide economic and financial security to its policyholders and aims to settle claims as quickly as possible.
As a leading Israeli insurance company, The Phoenix also prides itself in its corporate social responsibility efforts and support of the greater public welfare by providing sponsorship to cultural, health and sport organizations and institutions.


The Phoenix highly values its employees and agents and is committed to professionalism and integrity.


The Timeline:

1949 - Company was founded by the late David Hachmi
1978 - Phoenix shares first issued to the public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
2002 - Control acquired by Mayer Group
2006 - Control acquired by Delek Group
2019 - Control acquired by Centerbridge and Gallatin Point Capital Private Equity funds