About Us

The Phoenix is a leader in Israeli multi-line insurance, asset management, and financial services. The group serves a significant portion of Israeli households with a broad set of activities and solutions across businesses and client segments. Managing over $60 billion in assets, the Phoenix accesses Israel’s vibrant and innovative economic activity through a robust investment portfolio, creating value for both clients and shareholders.



Established in 1949, the Phoenix has led Israeli insurance underwriting, distribution, and innovation for over 70 years. With a leading brand and strong client loyalty, the Phoenix is committed to providing broad solutions, excellent service, and continued innovation to its private and business clients and to its distribution partners.


The property and casualty insurance (P&C) business includes a leading motor vehicle franchise (compulsory and property), home insurance, business insurance, and other solutions. Phoenix Smart is the leading direct P&C activity among the large Israeli insurers and is a platform for innovation in data and analytics for the Phoenix group.


The life insurance and long-term savings (LTS) business provides life insurance, related coverage (e.g., work disability insurance), and pension and provident funds management.


The health insurance business includes private health coverage, as a supplement and alternative to the Israeli public HMO platform, and international travel insurance.


In addition, the Phoenix group includes Israel’s leading insurance and pension distribution arms. This includes several of Israel’s leading insurance agencies, including the Shekel, Agam, and Oren Mizrach brands. These agencies provide services across Israel’s household segments as well as enterprise solutions for businesses, with deep relationships and digital platforms for service and underwriting.


Asset Management

The Phoenix is a leading asset manager in Israel, with over $60 billion in assets across long-term savings, investment products, and insurance assets. Phoenix solutions range across the full asset management spectrum and serve both private and institutional clients.


Long-term savings (LTS) solutions are part of the insurance business and include pension, provident, and training funds as well as managerial insurance plans.


Excellence is a leading investment house in Israel and an independent brand within the Phoenix group. Excellence’s activities include the pioneering KSM ETF business as well as passive and actively managed mutual funds and discretionary portfolio solutions. Excellence also provides private and institutional brokerage services, employee stock option trustee services, and various investment banking services.



With over $60 billion in assets under management, the Phoenix manages a significant portfolio of Israeli investments across all asset classes. As a leading institutional investor, the size, reputation, and capabilities of the Phoenix create distinctive access to Israel’s growing, vibrant, and innovative economy. This broad base and strong position serves to identify and create opportunities for value creation for Phoenix’s clients and shareholders.


The Phoenix investment team has deep expertise across Israeli equity, fixed income, infrastructure, real estate, and alternative investments. The Phoenix invests in innovative technologies across various sectors (e.g., software and hardware, services, energy, agriculture, financial services) both directly and through venture capital funds.


In addition, the Phoenix has a significant and growing allocation to international investments and partners with best-in-class asset managers globally.



The Phoenix develops and updates medium-term plans to identify opportunities and risks, prioritize initiatives, and develop capabilities. The business strategy of the Phoenix is to (1) accelerate the growth of activities that generate high returns on equity including P&C insurance, asset management, and distribution; (2) lead the industry with innovation and technology to drive efficiency and service; (3) actively manage group activities to drive growth, capture synergies, and unlock and create value; and (4) optimize capital management and deployment across the group.


The Phoenix has adopted and publicly communicated this strategy and its key financial targets.