Group companies:

  • Shekel Insurance Agency (2008) Ltd.
    The Shekel Group was established in 1979 and is one of the largest pension scheme management companies in Israel.
    Since 2010, the group has been headed by Mrs. Keren Shamir.
    The diverse range of schemes the group manages includes: manager’s insurance, pension funds, provident funds, advanced education funds, savings plans, health and long term care insurance plans and mortgage advice.
    The Shekel Group is a long-standing, reputable and highly experienced company providing professional and comprehensive service to numerous employers and to hundreds of thousands of clients.
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  • Agam Leaderim Insurance Agency (2003) Ltd.
    Agam Leaderim has specialised in pension scheme management since 1992. The company is headed by Itzik Or and Rami Dayan. Itzik Or has served as the CEO of the company since its establishment. Together with The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd., Itzik Or is also a shareholder.
    The company employs some 370 staff specialising in pension schemes, providing professional advice and tailor-made solutions to hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide for manager’s insurance, pension schemes, health and long term care insurance, provident funds, advanced study funds and other financial products and services.
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  • Oren Mizrach Insurance Agency Ltd.
    Oren Mizrach, a Phoenix Group company, is the largest insurance agency in Israel that provides support services and solutions to agents and clients in all fields of insurance. The agency was established in 1994 by Oren Cohen. In 2009 The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. acquired 50% of its shares and in 2011 the group acquired Mizrach Insurance Services.
    Mizrach was established in 1938 and is one of the oldest and most reputable insurance agencies in Israel.
    The group provides solutions in all fields of insurance to nationwide insurance agents and arranges insurance for more than 100,000 clients.
    Oren Mizrach specialises in pensions and other financial services and products, property and casualty insurance and health and long term care insurance. The professional experience and knowledge of the company, coupled with its size and financial strength, enables the company to formulate state-of-the-art tailor-made insurance and financial products portfolio for its clients.
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  • Excellence Investments Ltd.
    The Excellence Investments Group was established in 1992 by Ronny Biram and Gil Deutsch, and in 1994 the company was floated on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
    Excellence was subsequently delisted and now operates as a private wholly owned subsidiary of The Phoenix. Excellence has some NIS 55 billion of financial assets under management.
    The company employs 300 staff in its various fields of activity.
    Until the end of 2016 Excellence managed provident funds of approx. NIS 23 billion and on 1.1.2017 the provident fund activity was amalgamated into a sister company / subsidiary of The Phoenix and is now called The Phoenix Excellence Pension and Provident Funds Ltd.
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  • Gamma Management and Clearance Ltd.
    Gamma is the largest private supplier of credit and financial services in Israel. Gamma provides credit and financial services to around 8,000 businesses, corporations and leading retail chains, with an annual turnover of around NIS 25 billion. Gamma also provides clearance and credit card voucher discount services and also provides credit card management services to businesses.
    Gamma is also involved in factoring business.
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  • The Employee Benefit Experts Ltd.
    The Benefit Group specialises in providing various corporate services in the field of pension savings and fringe benefits and owns a pension insurance agency.
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  • Phoenix Capital Raising (2009) Ltd.
    The company was established in 2009 as a private limited company. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.
    The company specialises exclusively in raising sources of capital in Israel for The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. by way of private and public offerings of debentures and/or capital bills whose proceeds are utilised by The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. on a discretionary basis.
    The operations of the company depend on the capital raising needs of The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd., the situation of the capital market and the level of supply and demand of negotiable instruments in Israel.
    The company does not obtain credit to finance its activities. The company deposits the funds raised in the offerings in various deferred deposits with The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

  • Phoenix Investments and Finances Ltd.
    The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Phoenix, specialising in financial investments, real estate investments, venture capital funds, commercial non-bank credit and more.

  • Phoenix Excellence Pensions and Provident Funds Ltd.
    Phoenix Excellence Pensions and Provident Funds Ltd. offers pension and financial solutions for the family under a single roof.
    The company manages a diverse range of pension funds, provident funds and advanced study funds. The investments are managed by the investment division of The Phoenix, one of the leading in the long term savings entities in Israel.

  • Ad 120 Retirement Centres for Senior Citizens Ltd.
    Ad 120, a Phoenix Group company, has been the leader of luxurious retirement homes in Israel for three decades. The strong financial backing, the extensive knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years enables us to pay meticulous attention to quality and excellence to ensure that our residents not only have a comfortable home but also benefit from peace of mind and complete security. The group now manages three retirement homes in the centre of Israel: Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv and Hod Hasharon, and a fourth home in Modi’in is expected to open soon.

    • The retirement home in Rishon Lezion – The first home in the chain, prides itself on offering a family-orientated atmosphere that has stood the test of time. The home is situated in the heart of an exclusive neighbourhood near the city centre and the winery, near the railway station and the main traffic artery – Highway 431. The home is within walking distance of the city centre and the shopping mall.

    • The retirement home in Hod Hasharon – Anyone visiting the home in Hod Hasharon immediately notices that the residents benefit from a warm and friendly atmosphere. The home is situated next to the Four Seasons Park and the Margalit Shopping Mall. The central location facilitates convenient access to the railway and to public transport to the Dan Metropolitan area.

    • The retirement home in Tel Aviv – The retirement home in Tel Aviv is situated in the heart of the Ramat Hahayal neighbourhood, an area containing numerous restaurants, cafeterias and the North Tel Aviv Indoor Market. The home is a short distance from the Yarkon Park, the Assuta Hospital and the Ramat Aviv and Ayalon Shopping Malls. The home is also a short distance from cultural centres in Tel Aviv such as the Land of Israel Museum, the Opera House and the Bima and Cameri Theatres.
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